exclusive charity
Thanks to the Fondazione Ricerca Molinette and Casa Oz partnership, Allemano participates with the other companies of Exclusive Brands Torino in the Exclusive Charity auction, donating the Misuratore del Tempo GMT A 1913 SP s.n. 001, one of the models of the first triad of the Misuratori del Tempo originally conceived as the 1913 Collection. A unique piece that tells the story of Allemano's early days in the world of luxury watchmaking. The main objective is to be able to raise funds for the Molinette Foundation and Casa Oz to support them - in their daily path - of helping who needs it most. The Exclusive Brands Torino companies donated special objects and experiences to the auction. The auction was inaugurated on October 26th with the presentation of all the products. Finally, the Auction will be held on Saturday 20th November at 4 pm at the EBT Lounge of the Museo del Risorgimento in Turin. Sign up on the auction house platform to discover the unique pieces, the experiences offered by the 24 brands and to make offers! https://www.santagostinoaste.it/asta-exclusive-brands-torino.asp