Allemano time
Misuratori del Tempo

Unique timepieces which tell a valuable story and represent an experience for those who choose them.

“Can we measure what we do in our lives? Time is our daily companion: we seek it, we wait for it, we enjoy it, we live it to the full”.

The Story

Before measuring time we dedicated over a century to perfectionate our manufacture of precision mechanics for the creation of pressure gauges, thermometers and dynamometers.

Allemano 1919
Allemano 2019
1919 Collection

With the brand new Misuratori del Tempo, Allemano brings tradition back to life and reintroduces its instruments’ daily use. Just like the manometers which were to be found on board of the legendary FIAT 501 Torpedo.


Thanks to the 1919 Collection, after a century, Allemano communicates one more time directly to those who, as back then, are seeking for emotions and style.

1919 Collection


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