Allemano Time

Our Misuratori del Tempo are planned and manufactured in Italy, with Swiss movements.

Italian Factory

An historical spokeswoman in the company recollects the productions during the industrial boom: “We used to have many departments, because the product was crafted here, from A to Z”.
History, as well as the industrial one, evolved and became quicker. However, something stayed the same for Allemano, the idea of “here”: our Misuratori del Tempo are 100% Italian made. In our opinion, this is not a label we can put on our products, it is a commitment firstly to ourselves and to our worldwide customers to guarantee the provenance, professionality and tradition, as written in our factory’s DNA.

Allemano Time Manufacturing

Allemano’s MAN is not simply inspired by the aesthetics of the pressure gauge, but also by its usage: its Swiss manual movement enables the minute hand to move from 0 to 60 and to skip back and restart, just like a pointer pressure gauge. The GMT, which reminds the “double scale” in manometry, and the DAY, which recalls the standard pressure gauge, are equipped with Swiss automatic movements, aligned with the most famous luxury brands in the field.

Allemano Time Manufacturing

According to the tradition of every measuring instrument of our production, in the same way the Misuratori del Tempo are paired to their certificate, which together with its serial number, not only testifies their property and origin, but it is also a guarantee for quality and manufacturing excellence.

According to the experience of our measurement laboratory we developed a program of tests based on the European regulations EN 3158 and EN 3159, which guarantees the test of our Misuratori del Tempo in conditions of use and as a consequence certifies the real performances of the instrument given to the Customer.

The Misuratori del Tempo are tested and certified compared to a test instrument, allowing to notice the real anticipation and delay measured during the deliberative tests. The calibration report is based on the tests done at the end of the production, so that only the Misuratori which respect the movement requisites, are identified and stocked. In case of lack of  the requirements, the necessary corrections are made. In this way the instrument can be recontrolled and tested again. On the contrary, if the movement does not present any issues, it is fully checked and certified: the laboratory formalizes the certificate which will be completed with the identification data of the end customer.


In the furrow of the tradition of the brand Allemano, the wooden box of our Misuratori del Tempo is the same treasure casket which used to host the precision instruments of our historical production.
Handmade by a craftsman from Turin, it is an additional evidence of the bond with the traditions and with our region. Every box will be furnished with an extra steel clasp and with the tool for its autonomous substitution.