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From 1856 to now.
A story of success.


The origins

The Allemano company, specialized in the production of heavy carpentry machines, was founded in 1956, thanks to an intuition of its founder, Giuseppe Allemano, who opened the first factory in Turin, a city to which Allemano's successes are inextricably linked. In the early 1900s, the factory passed to the son, Felice Allemano, who moved from the heavy mechanics sector to that of precision mechanics: he handcrafted the equipment for the cars manufactured by various automotive brands, including Fiat. Allemano thus contributed to the growth of the national automotive market, which in twenty years moved on to the production of mass-produced cars.


The first measuring instruments

At the beginning of the 1900s, the production was transformed, moving towards measuring instruments for controlling pressure and temperatures, manometers, which were mounted on board military vehicles and the first Italian cars. The Fiat 501 Torpedo, the first car to be mass-produced, features the 1919 Allemano pressure gauge.


The building of the company

Felice, the son, transformed the company into Allemano F. & Sons, intensifying precision mechanical work for the construction of very high precision pressure gauges, thermometers and dynamometers, identifying the logo still used today.


Allemano on board planes, trains, ships and racing cars

Allemano studies, designs and produces a vast range of measuring instruments intended for aviation such as pressure gauges for checking petrol and oil, as well as for the railway and naval sectors.


A story of resilience

In the 60s, the years of the economic boom, Allemano adapted to new technologies, without losing focus on the tradition of precision mechanics, but without giving up entering the world of large industry, introducing its precision instruments on presses, machines industrial and plants such as chemical and oil.


Expansion in the Underwater Sector

During the 70s, Allemano specialized in the production, assembly and calibration of underwater instruments, such as hyperbaric chambers, depth gauges and decompression gauges. The company also acquired the SOS brand, producing the famous Allemano depth gauges designed, built and assembled in historic headquarters in Turin, which can be found today in many diving museums. This was an important achievement, even if it didn’t last for long, because of the digital depth gauges, less precise but far cheaper, that took over the market in the mid-1980s.


Allemano's Laboratory

The Allemano's laboratory is born, and it is a hotbed of ideas and project development. It is organized to carry out repairs, Accredia-related calibrations and equipment calibration services for measurements of length, shape, roundness and profile, flatness and roughness, force, pressure, hardness, torque, angle and level, mass, temperature, electrical quantities, smoke and gas analyzers. Allemano has instruments for measuring all types of force.


Misuratori del Tempo

2019 is the turning point for the company, which is experiencing a new metamorphosis and decides to dedicate itself to the creation of measuring instruments for the only force that cannot be tamed, but can only be known: TIME


Exclusive Brands Torino

Allemano becomes part of the Exclusive Brands Torino (EBT) network, the first multi-sector Italian business network that brings together high-end companies promoted by the Industrial Union of Turin. With EBT, Allemano shares the desire to contribute to restoring life and color to Turin and to an area that has always been a motoring, architectural, historical and cultural hub over the years and which must now return to being so.


Boutique of Measure

In the wake of the success of the new projects, in September 2021 Allemano strengthens its brand by creating the first "Boutique of Measure" in the elegant setting of Piazza Bodoni 1/F in Turin, in the heart of the city, concretizing the desire to return to the public, to create a direct relationship with it - as in the past in the historic Galleria Subalpina - and to show the new face of a historic brand, but with a different slant.


The New 1973 Collection

The new 1973 Collection is born in the setting of Boutique of Measure. Continuing to show resilience in high precision measurement, Allemano tells another piece of its history through a new time meter, moving from speeding cars to the wonder of the sea depths. For the return to the scene, in fact, a line composed of the new Crab depth gauge and Shark diver watches with a deliberately vintage design pays homage to the technical innovation that constituted our Allemano depth gauges of the years


Allemano SVA 10

Allemano tells another piece of its history by paying homage to the extraordinary undertaking of the flight over Vienna, with its new “misuratore del tempo”: the Allemano SVA10. This watch captures the essence of that undertaking, in which Allemano itself took part, realizing precision components for Ansaldo aircraft.