With a completely new concept, but always remaining rooted in its manufacturing tradition, Allemano opens its showroom in the elegant setting of Piazza Bodoni in Turin. After more than fifty years spent almost exclusively in the industrial sector, Allemano realizes with its showroom the desire to return to the public, to create a direct relationship with it and to show the new face of the brand. Inside, the Showroom displays objects strictly connected to the eclectic identity of the company and the history of Allemano: from instruments related to the automotive world, to the collection of the Misuratori del Tempo, inspired by the pressure gauge mounted on board the Fiat 501 of the 1919, to the new Allemano depth gauges, to the precious instruments of the nautical sector. The choice of a location in the heart of the city derives from Allemano's desire to stay in Turin, to grow in Turin, to help restore life and color to an area that has always been a motor, architectural, historical and cultural center over the years and that now it must go back to being so. Allemano is not alone in this project, but shares this vision with other Turin and Piedmontese excellences gathered in Exclusive Brands Turin, the first Italian network of 24 multi-sector companies promoted by the Unione Industriale di Torino. Fundamental values ​​such as quality, product excellence and Made in Italy are promoted and perpetrated on a daily basis through the intersection of ideas and ideals, projected to the future.